HFH Commercials

Miss one of our social media ads? You're in luck! They're all here! Enjoy!

Commercial aired on YouTube and Facebook on 6/18/19. Actor Joshua Ritter announces the release of the Handz for Hire mobile app on Google Play, but has a bad camera man.

Commercial aired on YouTube and Facebook on 12/3/2018. Silent film style - one neighbor needs help assembling furniture and other needs to earn money for Jags tickets. 

Commercial aired on YouTube and Facebook on 11/23/2018. Couple uses Handz for Hire to find a babysitter in the neighborhood for date night! 

Our very first commercial released 9/24/17 to let people know that Handz was coming! Thank you iRepairFast and Aerial Photography Jacksonville for helping us film! 

Helping a neighbor move a couch and student earning some money. Release 10/1/17

Hire some tutoring help from a local teacher or a smart neighbor right down the street! Release 10/3/17

Have last minute plans? Hire a neighbor to take care of your dogs so you can enjoy your weekend away! Release 7/2/18

Neighbors are willing to help and earn some money! Sometimes you just need a hand! Release 3/28/18

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