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Frequently asked questions

Does it cost anything to use Handz?

The app is free to download. It is completely free for the "Lend a Hand" users (people doing the work) and nearly free for the "Need a Hand" users. We believe in 100% transparency. Handz for Hire will charge the person hiring a $1.00 flat service fee and a minimal PayPal Merchant Processing Fee at the time of payment (when the job is completed and closed out). That's it! All fees will clearly be disclosed while the job is being created so there are no surprises! At the time of payment, it's easy to add a tip for a job well done or payment for extra hours of work!

What if I want to rehire the same person?

Once a job is completed, and payments have been made through the app, the job is moved to "job history." Here, a chat feature allows you to talk to people you've worked with in the past. If you want to rehire someone, just confirm that the person is available via the chat feature, and click the rehire button. You can update the job details and create a new job directly with your favorite person.

Why do I have to provide my PayPal information?

Handz for Hire has a partnership with PayPal that allows for easy and seamless job payments. To access the app, you'll need to add or create a personal or business PayPal account. PayPal allows for secure transactions between individuals using both "Need a Hand" and "Lend a Hand" features of the app. Did you know that you can make debit or credit card payments through your PayPal account? This means you don't have to have a funded PayPal account in order to use Handz for Hire. Click here to find out how to link a debit or credit card to your PayPal account.

Does Handz have access to my PayPal information?

No, Handz does not have access to your PayPal credentials. PayPal secures users' banking data, which means it cannot be accessed directly by Handz or any other third party. We have setup a partnership with PayPal: they take care of the financial transactions and security, while we provide a platform to easily connect neighbors who want to help each other out!

What if I created a job and underestimated the expected duration of the job?

This may happen and that's why we designed Handz for Hire to be flexible. Let's say you had expected a job to take 3 hours, but instead it took the person you hired 6 hours. The easiest solution is to utiilize the tip feature right before payment. If you feel the worker should receive more money, you can add a tip that compensates for that additional time. The other possible solution is to edit the job details under "edit a job." You can select edit a job on the main profile, followed by the job you'd like to edit, and updated the expected duration to the correct time (6 hours in the example above).

The date has passed for my posted job, and then my job disappeared. What happened?

When we designed Handz for Hire, we needed to set some parameters on how and when a posted job would expire. A posted job is set to expire 24 hours after the set start time of the job. The details of the job can be edited at any time prior to the job expiration. There may be times when you post a job and not get an applicant right away. You can go into "edit a job" on your main profile, select the job you want to edit, and adjust the date and time. This will prevent the job from expiring. *Note* - The posted job expiration is completely independent from an "active job." If you have hired someone that job will remain active until the work has been completed and payment has been made. If you'd like to edit an active job (maybe the job took longer than expected), then the job must be edited before the posted job expires (job start time plus 24 hours). If the posted job has expired, then the easiest way to add to your payment is in the form of a tip at the time of payment.

How do I setup my PayPal account if I'm a first time user?

You can use either a personal or business PayPal account on the Handz for Hire app. If you need more setup support and would like to talk to a PayPal agent, you can call 1-855-477-5682. If you'd like to setup a Business PayPal account, and need more support, click here for an excellent PayPal setup resource!

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