9/27/2018 - Handz Android is coming soon! In addition, we will be releasing a few new features. As an alternative log in method, we will allow users to log in using Facebook. In the next release, new users will be able to bypass the required PayPal login. This will allow users to explore the app and see how everything works very quickly after download. We're trying to speed up the process! We are also adding a few notification features for our lend a hand users, you are informed when a new job of interest appears in your area! It's all coming together!  
8/10/2018 - Handz iOS is live and available for download in the App Store!
5/22/2018 - Our current goal is to spread the word about Handz for Hire to community members willing to lend a hand in the Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Ponte Vedra area.  Want to earn some money and be one of the first to try our new app? Please see the flyer below for details. 
5/17/2018 - We had a wonderful visit to the University of North Florida in Jacksonville! We hope that Handz for Hire is a tool that college students can use to find flexible jobs when convenient for their schedule.
1/25/2018 - The Handz for Hire app is in its final stages of development and should be ready for beta testing by early Spring. Handz plans on launching in the Jacksonville - St. Augustine, FL area come spring 2018!  If you're from this area and would like to be a beta tester, please send us an email! If you're not from this area, please feel free to let us know where you'd like us to launch next! Click Here
Integration of New App Features:
1. PayPal platform integration for easy payments right through the app. 
2. The ability to share or hide the work site address while creating a job. Users searching for a job will be able to use a Google map feature that allows them to see exactly where the job will take place. The user can click on the color coded dot (indicator of job type), and conveniently apply for the job after reviewing the details.
What if a person creating a job, doesn't want to share an address? Maybe that person is going away and needs a house sitter? No one wants to announce to the world that they won't be home. We have created a feature that allows the user to hide the address, but still show up on the Google map. If the person's anonymous address shows up within a 5 mile radius of the center of the Google map, then the job shows up in a banner at the bottom of the page. If the banner is clicked, it will bring up all unlisted jobs within the 5 mile radius of the center of the map. This allows the job creator to easily be found without giving away an address until the right person is hired for the job.
3. While creating a job, an employer can click a button to list a job's timing as flexible. A user creating a job will have to select a specific date and time, but for many jobs, there's a good chance there's some flexibility with the timing of the job. This allows someone with a tight schedule to apply and complete the job at a more convenient time. It also creates a more competitive pool of applicants if the timing of the job is more flexible.  
4. Tipping feature: If a worker(s) does a good job or the job takes more time than was originally estimated, the employer has the option to tip at the time of payment.  
5. Both employer and employee will be prompted to rate and comment on each other at the conclusion of the job. At the time of payment, an active job will be moved to job history. Both employer and employee will receive a notification to fill out a rating about the other person. Each individual star rating will contribute to the each person's overall star rating. Comments will also show up next to the rating. Ratings and comments that an individual has created can be edited at any time under job history.  
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