Handz for Hire is a mobile app that can be used with any iOS or Android device. Our mission is to offer a service that conveniently connects a person in need of a hand with a local person or persons willing to lend a hand. 

Do You Need a Hand? 1. Download the App, 2. Create a Job, 3. Name Your Price, 4. Hire a Neighbor or Two, 5. Relax While Neighbor Completes Job, 6. Pay Neighbor Through App, 7. Leave a Rating for Your Neighbor

Willing to Lend a Hand? 1. Download the App, 2. Search for a Job, 3. Apply for Job that Works for Your Schedule, 4. Complete Job and Help a Neighbor 5. Get Paid by Neighbor, 6. Leave a Rating for Your Neighbor 7. Repeat Steps 2-6 to Keep Getting Paid

Download the app free and get started! 

What is Handz?

The features on the "need a hand" side of the app includes the ability to create a job, hire an applicant(s), chat with the hired person(s) using an internal messaging system, pay the hired employee(s) after the job is completed, rate the employee with a star rating system and comments, and conveniently rehire the hired help if desired.


The feature on the "lend a hand" side includes the ability to search for local jobs using either a map feature or list view, apply for job(s), chat with the employer using an internal messaging system, receive payments directly from the employer through the app, keep track of payments under job history, and have the option to accept future work from the same employer with the press of one button.

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